Zulily Finds: Home Edition

I am anticipating the day I can furnish my future home and make it my own. I know exactly what I want and I hope my taste never changes. Since it is 5 years down the road until we build our home, I am in planning mode ONLY. With that said, here is what is in my Zulily cart (my wishful thinking) for my home edition of Zulily Finds.

A 3-tier plant pyramid, for garden-lovers. The problem is, I’ve never been a gardener. That is my hopeful thinking that one day I’ll perfect the art of gardening. After all, I’m living on a farm in the future, I can at least know how to maintain a garden! $99.99 http://www.zulily.com/p/three-tier-plant-pyramid-111560-21201778.html

Tortilla Press

Tortilla Press. Don’t make fun of me! I watched the production of homemade tortillas at Chuy’s last week and decided I’m going to do the same thing! I just need a recipe for tortillas! $12.49 http://www.zulily.com/p/tortilla-press-117862-6319952.html?pos=20&e=1&fromEvent=117862&

Banner Personalized Mug

Personlized mug. Pretty sure this mug is perfect for my mom. She always says “TRD: Typical Riker Deal” or “It’s a Riker girl this, you wouldn’t understand!” $14.99 http://www.zulily.com/p/banner-personalized-mug-117442-14022336.html?pos=56&e=1&fromEvent=117442&

'EAT' Metal Letters

EAT. The word decor necessary in every kitchen. This has the metal, rustic look I’m going for…. $24.99 http://www.zulily.com/p/eat-metal-letters-117614-24486376.html?pos=0&e=1&fromEvent=117614&

Ivory & Blue Enzo Rug

I love the idea of outdoor rugs. The brighter, the better in my opinion. If you are going to spend money on a rug, make a statement. $229.99 http://www.zulily.com/p/ivory-blue-enzo-rug-122802-3016075.html?pos=75&e=1&fromEvent=122802&

Miller Personalized Self-Inking Stamp

Because every household should have their own stamp. $24.99 http://www.zulily.com/p/miller-personalized-self-inking-stamp-125474-23123130.html?pos=11&e=1&fromEvent=125474&

Turquoise 'Hello' Aqua Shield Mat

Why is this so cute? I don’t know! HELLO. $24.99 http://www.zulily.com/p/turquoise-hello-aqua-shield-mat-123328-24447677.html?pos=9&e=1&fromEvent=123328&

Cake Display Plate

Spencer’s 2nd birthday party is going to be Pink Lemonade theme. I know I need at least 3 cake pedestals. I already have a pink stand and this white one would be a perfect addition. $34.99 http://www.zulily.com/p/cake-display-plate-117673-9788385.html?pos=63&e=1&fromEvent=117673&

Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking Hardcover

I’m not a vegetarian, but I do like to do Meatless Mondays. I am in need of ideas for cooking something without meat that everyone would enjoy. $16.99 http://www.zulily.com/p/food-vegetarian-home-cooking-hardcover-117862-20381737.html?pos=98&e=1&fromEvent=117862&

Light Brown Strips Holiday Brights Throw Pillow

Neutral color scheme is the way to go when planning your home decor. You can always add color later. $24.99 http://www.zulily.com/p/light-brown-strips-holiday-brights-throw-pillow-113328-24379900.html?pos=62&e=1&fromEvent=113328&



Zulily Finds: Toddler Girl Edition

I’m not afraid to admit my crazy obsession with the website, Zulily. Every morning at 8:00am the website posts their new deals for the day and I’m usually right there with all the other obsessed moms adding items to their cart. I never buy the items in my cart, they just expire after a few days and that leaves more room for more wishful items to add! (you can only have 50 items at a time in your cart) My dream one day is for my husband to surprise me and say “As a gift, you can buy everything that is in your cart on Zulily.” Trust me, he already knows this is my dream.

Since I can’t buy everything in my cart, I would like to start posting these items for anyone who doesn’t get on Zulily and doesn’t see all of the amazing things they have. Today, I am posting about things I have added to my cart that would be great for little miss Spencer to have! *sigh*

1) I’m so excited about this, I really might get this! A recipe-type book for nutritious homemade lunches for kids. “The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches on the Planet” $14.99 LINK: http://www.zulily.com/p/the-best-homemade-kids-lunches-on-the-planet-paperback-118958-12253817.html

2) I told Zach, “Ok I really think Spencer needs these shoes.” TOMS of course, and they are bright floral! Reminds me of some of my outfits from the ’90s. $22.99 LINK: http://www.zulily.com/p/yellow-daisy-classic-cordones-tiny-118447-22736124.html

3) Color block dress. I’m pretty sure I have a dress similiar to this, we could totally be twinkies. $22.99 LINK: http://www.zulily.com/p/blue-embroidered-color-block-dress-infant-toddler-girls-118909-23886878.html

4) This is definitely for Spencer and her daddy during their bedtime ritual. He is always the one putting her in bed and he cannot wait for her to say “Tuck me in, daddy.” $24.99 LINK: http://www.zulily.com/p/read-me-a-story-canvas-117528-24155158.html

5) Vintage wagon, for Spencer’s playroom to put all of her stuffed animals into. I just think this would be perfect! I love anything rustic! $69.99 LINK: http://www.zulily.com/p/vintage-metal-cart-117528-12930957.html

I could go on and on with more finds, but I’ll just leave you with my top 5! Zulily membership is free. If you want to be invited, here is my link to Zulily: http://www.zulily.com/invite/thall1940

Why I am an old lady..

So I’m a little old on my “getting ready” routine I guess. Ladies you know that raccoon mascara look you got goin’ on after your shower? Instead of buying wipes specifically designed for mascara removal, I use my moisturizer. Not just any moisturizer…PONDS moisturizer! There! I said it! I’m an old lady! Simply put on your moisturizer for the day, put some over your mascara-coated skin and WIPE (you have to literally say “WIPE” out loud in a high pitched tone or it isn’t magical)! This may be old new to some of you with common sense, but to everyone else who doesn’t get it, here is that tip. Try it out!

Let’s see the before and after:



And to you who may use PONDS, but didn’t realize you are an old lady, I hate to break it to you. My great grandma used it…and it even smells like old ladies, but we are all in this together and it will be ok. PONDS is awesome! #PONDS4Life


Meatless Monday…for a toddler

Everybody knows about Meatless Monday right?

Every Monday, you are supposed to abstain from meat. This has become a trend in the health-conscious society to raise awareness of how much meat you really need. Meat has become the main food group on everybody’s plate, when in reality, it should be just as big as one of your sides. You DO NOT need as much meat as you THINK you need, unless you are a real-life athlete/olympian/doctor’s orders. With that said, meatless Mondays are easy unless you have a toddler. Luckily, my toddler doesn’t eat meat and I have a hard enough time trying to get her to eat meat. This is for any other parent…


  • GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH, BANANA (a Medium banana has 1.29g of protein, believe it or not)
  • SWEET POTATO loaded with Black Beans, Avocado (and some Ranch if you want to get crazy..toddlers go crazy for Ranch)
  • SPINACH LASAGNA (hidden veggies, good luck!), GREEN BEANS


New Vision, New Adventure!

Spencer came into our lives on August 1st, 2013 and since then, she has not been sick but once with a 24-hour stomach bug (not even lasting 24 hours). We have sailed along with no worries and no major catastrophes. About 2 months ago we noticed her left eye would turn inward a little when she was eating. It would only happen when she was eating at her high chair. Slowly day-to-day, her eye began to turn inward more frequently and then her other eye began to do the same thing at times. Because of this minor eye issue, we discovered her eyesight is very poor. To the point where she really didn’t know what our faces looked like up close. It is sad feeling knowing your child hasn’t seen you up close, but promising that we could get her help and we discovered this issue at such a young age. Spencer is far-sighted with a prescription of +5.50 in both eyes. This explains a lot, why she doesn’t have much interest in small toys, no interest in books, short attention span with coloring books, holding phones up close to her face to see a video. Yesterday she started her new life of seeing clearly and seeing all her loved ones’ faces. The moment they put her glasses on her face, she smiled really big. She started walking to the Visioncare playroom where they were playing Frozen, and she looked up at the television like it was amazing. She played with a puzzle that had little locks you can undo which she had no interest in while we were waiting for her glasses. Yesterday started a brand new adventure for little miss Spencer Layne and we are so excited for her!